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      Installation Instructions small Axle Kinematics E Models


      The points and areas marked in blue must be observed and worked on.

      The blue surface (edge) on the rear axle carrier must be ground away for clearance of the wishbone.
      Rear right: from 2 o'clock position to 8 o'clock position (see blue semicircle on picture)
      Rear left: from the 4 o'clock position to the 10 o'clock position.

      The blue arrow at the bottom of the 6 o'clock position (both sides) shows where to drill and insert the M8 grub screws.

      The twelve o'clock position on the wheel carrier outside shows the exact position of the eccentric bearing on the right rear side.
      For the left side exactly mirror-inverted.

      The eccentric bearings must be installed so that the circlips are visible to the rear. Then secure against rotation with M8 grub screw.
      The right-hand thread of the adjustable track rod should be mounted on the rear axle carrier.

      Installation axel kinematics Schirmer V8


      Kinematik Schirmer 


      The blue collar on the bearing and retaining ring must point towards the rear of the vehicle when installed.

      Fit the grub screw (M8) with Loctite at the top in the 12 o'clock position to secure against twisting.



      Installation Instructions Rear Wing

      Installation Instructions Rear Wing

      The wing is drilled into the trunk using sleeves.

      Trunk underside:

      Bracket left side:

      Bracket right side:

      We connect the carbon wing on the trunk with the inner sheet skeleton of the trunk.
      Drilled holes with sleeves / trunk underside / left:

       Drilled holes with sleeves / trunk underside / right: